Balance is your game's biggest bottleneck.

Superpower offers balance testing services to web3 game studios.

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S-tier Balance Testing

In web3, an imbalanced game leads to wild marketplace fluctuations and a poor player experience. Meanwhile, your team scrambles to patch content that players have already paid for, hurting buyer trust.

Protect your game with a fireteam of pro gamers who rigorously test your game to provide deep balance and game design feedback.

How Guild of Guardians 2xed content coverage in time for global release
"The amount of content we've been able to go through in the past 4 weeks alone...if it had just been us doing it, we wouldn't be halfway done."

Josiah Wallace

Senior Game Design Manager

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How Gods Unchained reduced new set release time in half with Superpower Balance Testing
"So we went from a 26-week cycle of balance testing iteration and design down to a 13-week cycle...our numbers have gone up, we've had about a 30-40% increase in retention."

Bryn Welch

Game Designer

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How it works

After a quick onboarding, we'll set up a team of top players at your game and genre. Usually between 4-8 players, but we can scale up or down as needed.

In addition to the contract we sign with your game, our balance testers also sign ironclad contracts that ensure we can't share your game's secrets or trade on them.

We'll assign pairs of testers each week to deconstruct your game. We'll provide on-going reports in a shared channel in which your team can watch sessions and get real-time access to our testers' feedback.

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